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About us

GS Visuals is an innovative agency, whose main forte is creating captivating visual stories build around architectural projects and designs.

We collaborate with leading specialists in the fields of design, architecture and development from around the world on diverse landmark assignments. As a painter would with his canvases, we treat each project with care and passion, as it goes through our creative and competent teams, each focused on their areas of expertise, namely 3D Animation, Realistic Visualization, Corporate Graphic Design & Web Development.

Working closely with our clients and utilizing our knowledge of architecture, we create engaging and realistic interactive representations of their corresponding designs.

realistic visualization
At the very center of our work is our reality class CGi Still Imagery Photography. Our specialized skill and creativity breath life into our customers' undertakings. Each picture is a carefully created masterpiece: a 'story with soul and heart', letting the raw machine captured data leave a deep imprint in the beholder's eye and imagination.
3D animation & motion graphics
Film takes both fictional and real moments from our lives to our screens, ana aims to weave the watcher into specific stories, each intended to call forth a plethora of enthusiastic reaction. We bring together 3D, motion graphic technology and image enhancing, to produce lifelike touch-points between you and your audience.
360 VR - walkthrough panorama
Our immersive virtual visits give property engineers and real estate agents the capacity to inspire potential customers with a vision of the property well before development starts. Perfect for off- plan promoting, our product lets users move consistently through a 3D designed authentic VR version of their future home or office built with amazing attention to detail!
Graphic design & web development
Visual identity is the paramount part of creating a professional and successful brand. So we do it like everything else - with deep understanding and passion. We offer a full set of graphic and web development tools for your business. It doesnt matter if its corporate, print or web design, even programming web applications and pages. We aim to satisfy and amaze with our work.
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